Financial Holdings Company

Financial Holdings Company

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SSR’s CSR output is self-evident. SSR and its leading management in particularly, are recognised for their philanthropic deeds with a number of charities, and through the WCoSP Charitable Trust. Certainly the SSR team are always available if you need professional advice which is not the norm from others in their sector, and applicants I have recommended should talk to them, always comment on their professionalism.

SSR have set the benchmark by which professional security recruitment is measured, internationally. SSR are to my knowledge the only international security recruitment consultancy, which offers contract, interim and permanent recruitment services. Truly one-shop
services, which I certainly have been a “Raving Fan “of.

Very few recruitment companies can boast of having direct experience of supplying security services, or having leadership with relevant professional qualifications, who are therefore able to relate to the needs of the customer so directly. SSR does


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