A Professional Security Company

A Professional Security Company

Human Face On Dark Background

I have known the business of SSR Personnel for a number of years professionally as they have helped me over the years and many of my friends and colleagues. Most people will know of Peter French and what he has achieved for the good of this profession. Whilst I would always commend him, I think that many people fail to understand the mechanism that is SSR and all the people that stand behind that.

Even in the challenging time of the past few years the team at SSR still take time to console those made redundant, they understand and show compassion to their candidates and help them to review their CVs and I know this from the many people that comment on the assistance they get from the many consultants at SSR. I have no doubts about referring candidates to the ‘guys’ as I know they will deal with them efficiently and swiftly, which is exactly what candidates need when they are looking to change their career.

On another note, people do not understand the serious business of raising money for good causes and how difficult that can be. Having been on the receiving end of an SSR email inviting me to bring my guests to a fundraising event, you have to understand that this is not a company that just seeks to do business, but an organisation from bottom to top that wants to make a difference to the world they service and to give back to the industry something as it has served them well.


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