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A Consulting Company

Psychologist Consultation

Since my earliest involvement with SSR I was struck by the advanced, progressive approach taken by the business towards it business a ctivities and towards its own staff. I can only think of less than a handful of other clients that I have worked for in my 20-plus years as an independent consultant, that have taken anywhere near as proactive or forward- looking an approach to employment equality, diversity and staff development within their own businesses (to put this statement into context, I have
worked for around 350 clients, comprising small, medium sized and major international organisations


I have always been struck by the evident and substantial multi-racial, multi-ethnic, sexually diverse and age diverse staff representation on my frequent visits to SSR’s office. I have always witnessed the company’s ethical approach to recruitment and personal development towards its
office based staff, and seen this extended to its commercial recruitment operations for its clients.


SSR’s staff are also individually and collectively, in their approach, innovative and forward thinking, I have no doubt that SSR people constantly strive to exceed all expectations and
frequently achieve this goal.


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