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An Educational Psychologist works with children and young people in educational and early childhood settings.


The primary role is to address challenges such as learning and complex developmental disabilities, social, emotional and disability issues that affect a child’s educational learning.


Their work includes observations, interviews, and assessments, to provide guidance, advice and support to teachers and parents. Educational Psychologists also research innovative ways to help those who work with children and new ways that may help children to learn. 

Many are employed by local authorities and work within schools, colleges, and other educational settings, to carry out assessments. An educational psychologist can work directly with children to assess their progress. They may also collaborate with parents’ teachers and other professionals as an indirect way to assess a child.  A variety of test materials and interventions are used to provide recommendations that are best for the child. 


Direct work involves some form of assessment, through consultation with professional peers, observation, interviews, or the use of test materials to uncover problems with the child. Interventions can include planning learning programs and collaboration with teachers. Recommendations are made to determine the best educational product for each child.

Psychology Degree 2.1 or equivalent.


An accredited Doctorate in Educational Psychology (the UK except Scotland*)


*Accredited Masters Course in Educational Psychology (stage 1) followed by

*Qualification in Educational Psychology (stage 2)


Your qualifications must be recognised by the Health Care Professions Council. (HCPC) to obtain a registration number, which is valid for 2 years. 


A Postgraduate Course is required to become a Chartered Psychologist and register with the HCPC. 

A 2.1 Psychology Degree is usually required to progress on to a Master’s in educational psychology.


Although a 2.2 degree may be accepted if you have achieved a higher qualification in another course. 

SSR Personnel is a recruitment agency that specialise in providing Educational Psychologists to schools, local authorities, and the educational sector, for over 20 years, both national and internationally. 


SSR has an established database of screened and qualified candidates.  We vigorously check the professional status, education, disclosure status and training of individuals, prior to the introduction to a client. 

Prior to working in an educational setting, you must hold a valid Disclosure and Barring System (DBS) Certificate.


SSR Personnel offers all our permanent and contract workers a service that ensures all documents are accurately completed and comply with the necessary regulations for employment. 


SSR has an established client contact database of public, private and state schools and local authorities within the educational sector. We able to connect our contacts with qualified candidates to find the perfect solution.


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